Hi! I have a Lunafly confession I’d like to make! Confession: Every time I listen to Sam Carter on Arirang Radio I become more and more infatuated with him :P
Hi to you too sweetie.
-Admin Y
I’m in live with them since “how nice would it be” era and I’m sure I’ll stay by their side forever. I’ve never had doubts, I’m a proud Lukie and they are the only ones who have never disappointed me
At first, I thought Teo was the worst at singing… Now I’m really surprised, in a positive way. He is the secret weapon of Lunafly

Sam is one hot piece of Asia

we are back~

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If your sky is falling, just take my hand and hold it. 

Lunafly- I won’t let you go (cover)

100 followers!!! party hard~

So we reached 100 followers. We wanna thank for this but I would appreciate it more if you would leave some confessions.Anyway, for reaching this beautiful number we tought we should do something for you. how about some one shots? :> The first 3 people who leave a message in our ask box will get one:> Just tell us your bias in lunafly and if you have an idea^^

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Lunafly-Mirrors (cover)

our baby

I fell in love with Teo more when I thought he looked like a love child between B1A4’s CNU and B2st’s Hyunseung.

so you ship Hyunseung and CNU together? hehe~

-Admin Y.